Jake’s JZX81 Cresta

I’m pretty selective about what I work on. I have a huge soft spot for Jake’s car and to be honest, most JZX chassis. So when Jake was having issues with his cars charging system, the exhaust system and a few other parts, we penciled in a date and I got to it. The car came with a jzx83 stainless downpipe however I ran into huge fitment issues right off the bat, so I started cutting up the downpipe and piecing in Vibrant components where I could. Here’s some shots throughout the build of it.











This is the first stainless project I’d taken on in quite awhile so it felt good to get acquainted with it again. Its fit literally as tight to the car as you can get in almost all spots, Jake tells me it bottoms out almost never where he lives so I’d say mission accomplished! The alternator got replaced and I built up a new charge wire, gave it a new excite circuit on a 7.5A fuse and regrounded the motor/alternator body itself. To carefully monitor the charge and the oil press/temps I also installed a Parts Shop Max gauge unit. While I was at it I went ahead and relocated his filter as well, stock 1j configuration filter locations aren’t all too friendly


and a couple fun shots, AMAZING looking car <3 img_1828



We both agreed to purposely let the style of the parts resemble something that may have been used or purchased around the 90s era. Classic car tuning and styling is very overlooked these days and its a pretty huge bummer. So when I finally get a chance to let it shine through in my work I take advantage of it!