Ethans JZX100

As I previously mentioned, I’m rather selective about what I work on. The project needs to intrigue and interest me, it plays a large role in how the finished product turns out. When I got the call that its time to go on this thing I anxiously cleared the garage and got to work on it. The work list started basic, it always does..

-prepare and install another 1j vvti motor
-modify and lightly fabricate some pieces to fit slug manifold
-new charge pipes
-new coolant bleeder setup
-oil catch tank
-wiring repairs

Seemed easy, lets go! First things first I prepare the motor. Its my second time doing this so I’m a bit quicker at it by now but I gotta be honest its nerve racking tapping the block with such a large NPT. However, the finished product is so worth it! This allows complete deletion of all unnecessary coolant pipes and hard lines as well as full removal of the factory oil/water heat exchange unit.

But in the end, look at how clean it is underneath there! You can also get a peak at the AIT sensor and where I chose to place it.

Now its time to start on the manifold, for starters NOTHING lined up with the Sard fuel rail so I fixtured it up and zapped on some threaded locator tabs




Looks great for now, then we realize that the ac compressor doesn’t fit, the power steering pump doesn’t fit, the oil dipstick doesn’t fit, the ac hardlines on the chassis need bending, the firewall must be massaged on the back side, all hardware must be redone to mount the manifold onto the motor, oh and the throttle body needs heavy modification.. a custom cable.. and a custom throttle cable bracket. BUT! No biggy, a few hours of fab work and its all handled!





Now that the intakes all done, all hoses and couplers are handled underneath the manifold, its time to check on the OS Giken plates and make sure they’re still happy. A new TOB/pilot bearing and a regreasing for good measure helps.


Once the motor went in I got started on some fabrication work, first item on the list was the basic shape for the coolant header tank. It will pull from various spots in the system then tie into the lower radiator hose to circulate and drain.



To feed this new header tank I fabricated a swirl pot off of the upper radiator hose neck and zapped in a couple nipples into the high spots of the radiator.




Now that the cooling system was pretty much sorted I moved over to the intake side of the engine bay. The new larger intake manifold didn’t leave any room for the factory steering reservoir so I had to fabricate a new one and redo the line setup. I left myself just enough room for the oil catch tank as well.







(I am a huge fan of functional cans with effective baffling, yeah it may be a bit overkill haha)

As far as fabrication goes all I had left to do was a new cold pipe, the hotpipe didn’t need any adjustment.


From here everything got a nice shiny polish which really cleaned up the whole setup.




Since then I modified a 2nd radiator for the car since this one ended up being no good. I also had to dive into a small issue with the HVAC fan wiring but it was a quick fix. Excited to see this car hit the dyno soon!